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September 15, 2009

Lynn Viehl’s Shadowlight

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Ah, how I have waited for this book, the first of Lynn Viehl’s new Kyndred series.

(FD: the author sent me an e-arc.)

It continues certain story arcs from the Darkyn series, and some of the more memorable characters make an appearance in Shadowlight, though it is always clear that Gaven and Matthias are the protagonists of this book.

My closest friends will tell you that I am a huge huge huge fan of Lynn Viehl, and this book, as always, lives up to the fact that it has Lynn Viehl (or any other of her pseudonyms really) on the cover. I have been accused of being willing to read her grocery lists, but that is definitely not true: after reading somebody else’s grocery list and finding out that she/he is normal, just like me…Nah, I don’t need my beloved Paperback Writer to do that to me.

Shadowlight is sleekly written, pared down to the bones of this story, with the over-arching narrative is seamlessly woven in.

I do find that the writing style is a bit more distant, more reminiscent of the author’s SF work than anything else. For me, it doesn’t detract from the relationship between Gaven and Jessa. Both of them have secrets, and the writing style suits that.

One of the things I like most is that it reads like the beginning of a great epic fantasy. Different genre, true, but in the sense that it’s a delicious glimpse into the world of the Kyndred, and with the promise of great things to come.

In other words, Shadowlight is definitely recommended. If you’d like to read other (more objective *g*) reviews, the author has posted a round-up on her blog of the other reviews she’s received via the e-ARCs she sent out.


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